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What is Clean Beauty?

Currently, there are no FDA regulations or legal standards as to what clean beauty means which has made it difficult for consumers to make proper assessments on which products to use. We often assume that the products on the market are safe to use, but the reality is that companies can produce without any safety assessments or testing. Most companies are not required or are even incentivized to do anything in this regard. 

To aid the process of finding trustworthy clean beauty products we decided to create Beauty Bar Studio along with our own standard for clean beauty.

For us at Beauty Bar Studio we define clean beauty using the following three components:

Transparency - Does the product include transparent label ingredients? 

Product integrity - Are the products formulated with non-toxic ingredients and exempt from ingredients in our banned list? 

Sustainability- Are companies actively improving or implementing sustainable practices?  

We have created a banned list of ingredients that are known to have health or environmental issues. All of our partnering brands do not use these ingredients in their products.